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Reviews for Swihart Chiropractic Wellness Center

Chiropractor Fort Wayne Reviews for Swihart Chiropractic
At Swihart Chiropractic Wellness Center, we love when patients share their feedback and comments. Please read our patient reviews to see what others have to say about the care they received from Dr. Swihart.

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A Doctor Who Shows Genuine Concern

“I recently moved to Fort Wayne and was thrilled to find Dr. Swihart and his friendly staff still in the area. The only procedure I am really comfortable with is the Sigma Instrument method. It is a non-invasive low-force procedure. Dr. Swihart has a genuine concern and takes the time to understand your needs even outside of the chiropractic arena. I am so blessed to be in his care….NO prescription drugs….NO back surgery! Thank you Dr. Swihart!”

Diane D.

Completely At Ease

“We really like going to Dr. Swihart for our chiropractic needs. He is always super friendly and great at helping you feel so much better. I also really like the Sigma Instrument Method he uses for his chiropractic care on patients. If you have ever been afraid of a regular chiropractic adjustment – this methodology will put you completely at ease!”

Darynn V.

Very Grateful

“My first visit was when another chiropractor called and asked if you could help me. He had worked on me for years with little result and he was very concerned about me. He asked if he could bring me over and you would see me immediately. You had plans for dinner with you wife. You canceled your plans, we came to your home, you took us to your office and you helped me. This was on a Friday night. You have helped me continually and I am grateful to you. I believe if it were not for your care I would be in bed most of my life. Thank you Doc. I will always be grateful to you and the other chiropractor for your selfless help. You are a blessing.”

Angela P.


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