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Our Services

Welcome to Swihart Chiropractic Wellness Center! We’re here to offer you the best healing-care possible. And to do so, we have a variety of services to offer. This way, we can personalize your care based on your exact needs!


Chiropractic Care

We offer the most gentle chiropractic care we can. Our most popular adjusting instrument is the Sigma Instrument, a rare and very specialized instrument used to help your body heal itself. Have chronic pain? Sports injury? Suffering from Stiffness? We can help!

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Pregnancy & Babies

Our care for pregnant moms is extremely safe and gentle, and a treatment style that we love to deliver. We use techniques that require no twisting or popping of the spine, and Mom’s comfort is always a top priority. And to thrive, your baby’s nervous system must be free of nerve interference in the form of spinal alignment (subluxation). We provide gentle, vital care for moms and babies.

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Chiropractic for Your 4-Legged Friend.

“I love to treat animals! There aren’t many chiropractors in my area who would adjust animals. If your pet is sick or injured, I would love to see them and help.”

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We believe in taking a preventative approach to wellness, and to us, that means starting with nutrition! We’ll help you figure out a diet and supplements that give you energy, help you lose weight and keep you on track!

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Interested in learning more? Give us a call and let’s see how we can help!


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