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Fort Wayne Animal Chiropractor

Swihart Chiropractic Wellness Center Welcomes You and Your Pets!

Fort Wayne animal chiropractor

Dr. Swihart and Duke the Great Dane

Dr. Swihart was certified in Veterinarian Orthopedic Manipulation in 2002. He studied with a nationally recognized veterinarian who made a fascinating discovery after performing thousands of surgeries: ailing dogs and cats responded better and recovered more quickly through manipulation.

We Cater to Your Furry Friends

Many of us have pets that have suffered injury but haven’t recovered completely. Animals have nervous systems as complex as human ones, and they suffer in the same way when spinal misalignment exists. Here are some of the indications that your pet may need an adjustment:

  • Constant sleeping
  • Consistent digestive issues
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Fussiness
  • Favoring one leg over another
  • Lethargy
  • Poor appetite
  • Refusal to eat
  • Uncharacteristic aggression when touched

Gentle Care for Our Animal Friends

We’ve been adjusting animals for more than three decades, including horses. We use a special handheld instrument to deliver the adjustment, and because the treatment is so gentle, most animals accept it willingly. To create positive outcomes for almost all our dogs, cats and horses, we use a three-phase system:

Phase 1: The Diagnostic Pass (a careful review of the spine)
Phase 2: The Corrective Pass (the delivery of the adjustment to misaligned vertebrae)
Phase 3: The Recheck (Additional treatment in response to feedback)

By the time the third phase has been completed, 95% of all misalignments have been corrected. A common response by animals is to jiggle the entire body as if they’re shaking water off their coat.

A Poodle Gets an Attitude Adjustment

One of our patients brought in her poodle, who had become wedged in a doggy door the week before. It had recently given birth, but was grouchy, refused to eat and appeared to be constipated. The dog completely stopped caring for her puppies.

Although Dr. Swihart didn’t have much experience in treating animals at the time, his patient had confidence in his abilities, so he began to do what he does best: adjust. Over the course of just a few days, the little poodle started to demonstrate a remarkable response. She resumed her normal eating habits, began to wag her tail and overcame her digestive difficulties. The best part was that she began to nurture her newborn pups again.

We have a special area in our clinic that’s reserved for our animal patients. We also make house calls for our barnyard friends and offer targeted whole food nutritional supplements for their unique needs. Contact us today; we’d love to help your pet!


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